Low Intensity

“Great class again Carole. For no obvious reason I felt exhausted today so the class was perfect for me thank you .”

‘I feel I’ve just been to the Hilton’

Darwin Yoga Space

‘Darwin Yoga space is the place where you can feel seen. In almost every class, I learn something about myself that has come from a teachers carefully crafted observations. I’ve recently returned after having a break from coming to the face to face classes. Best way to describe this, is feeling as though I’ve come back home. It is a gift to have this school in Darwin.’
Lori Roberts, August 2020

‘After my first class on Sunday I felt amazing. It was pretty hard but I felt great afterwards. I work 80 hours a week and I have never felt so relaxed – better than any drug!
Angus, January 2016  

‘I have always felt so well supported and challenged by you all, whether it was in my regular classes, workshops, restorative sessions or my make up classes. I have learnt so much from you all about my own body and what I should do to progress in my yoga journey.   Thank you for making the DYS team and environment such a positive element of my time in Darwin! ‘
Rachel, January 2016

Renee, office manager ‘I just wanted to say what great customer service Renee gives. She is patient, knowledgeable about classes and merchandise and understanding. I give her ten out of ten for customer service. Always takes the time to listen and explain’.
Dianne Loffler, May 2020

My favourite thing about Darwin yoga space is the serene atmosphere. It’s as beautiful as being outside in nature but provides protection from the elements. Oh, and the great teachers!  Happy Birthday Darwin Yoga Space!
Best wishes from,
Tracey Polglaze

Hi Carole, I’m sorry Jay and I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye to you. Thank you so much to you and the team for providing such a wonderful friendly place for us to learn and practice Iyengar yoga. We will miss Darwin Yoga Space very much and will continue to practice on our travels. I was suffering from chronic pain when we first started and practicing yoga has helped me recover from this almost 100%, as well as helping with digestive issues which I now know are all related to the nervous system. I also read the book “The body keeps the score” on your recommendation and found it very illuminating, helping me to start addressing the underlying causes of my health issues. So thank you very much for your wisdom. Yoga has also helped Jay to slow down and prevent recurring injuries from running. We hope to travel back through Darwin next dry season, if so we will pop in to say hi and hopefully do some classes!
All the best,
V and J 

Best session. Incredible to think how powerful the most basic of yoga poses can be! Carole, your intricate, detailed descriptions lead every yogi, regardless of their level or experience to a place where we feel so in tuned with our bodies its fantastic.
Erica McCallum


Jantina, 29 Oct 20. Online (and livestream). Isn’t pranayama so gentle an amazing thing, so strong and powerful.I am amazed at how much I am using what I learn(in pranayama) in my yoga practice and also in my interactions with others, especially stressful situations, I enjoy seeing how I react on the surface calmly to intense situations, I am deeply great full for this. I liked the supported arms today (with the thumbs in ears) I felt ungrounded last week with my elbows in air. Great class thanks

Private Classes

“Carole– been looking forward to writing you to tell you also that our work together was transformative. I feel for the first time that I’ve a way of working in that part of my core–there’s suddenly freedom and space; release (both physical and emotional, as often the case). And quickly this is translating to changes in the mobility of my back and hips, but really everywhere in asana and in life.” 
Victoria 2013


“Dear Carole I just wanted to inform you of the safe arrival of baby Eve Jasmine, after a 2 hour, pain relief free labour. I used breathing exercises and remained upright the entire labour (standing and squatting) and felt very much in tune with my body. I sincerely want to thank you for your assistance during my pregnancy, especially in helping Eve rotate into position and engage. I look forward to resuming yoga again in the future.
Kind regards,
Kirsty (Campbell)”

I also wanted you to know about the safe & fast arrival of Madeline Piper. She was born on 14/9/16, weighing 2.9kg. We are both well. The breathing techniques and different positions I learnt during your classes definitely helped me through labour. Thank you. Good luck to all the other ladies in the class. It’s all worth it! 

Dear Carol, Anja and all the other wonderful people at Darwin Yoga Space,   I just wanted to write a quick thank you e mail for the classes and support during my pregnancy. I attended the pre-natal classes from 12 weeks up until i was 41 weeks. The skills and techniques i learned during the classes came in handy when i was in labour and i don’t think i would have been anywhere near as relaxed as I was had it not been for your teachings. I also use ‘om’ to settle my squawking child. Thank you! A very special thanks to again Carol and Anja.  
Kind regards,
Alana, April 2018


“Thankyou so much for helping me stay sane….’ 
Emma Murphy

I just discovered this and this it is awesome! I look forward to the upcoming classes when everything is up an running 😀
Jordan Kolsky

It was still a fabulous sequence. Thank you for providing us with this relief from the stressful world right now. 
Caity Grace

Thank you soooooo much Carole (and Kate). You did an amazing job in the strangest of times…..Carole I really feel for you not being able to see us, but it is so comforting to hear a familiar voice and see your face even if we aren’t in our beautiful school. You have helped me so much this evening, looking forward to signing up for lessons as they roll out on line!
Tara From tara Schmidt”

Darwin Retreat

“This retreat worked very well as a replacement for the Bali retreat, it was a very welcome break from the everyday, the opportunity to catch up with fellow yogi friends and make new ones was very welcome and gave the batteries a recharge they needed. And though we were right in Darwin, it felt we were still away from our daily lifes and I enjoyed the yoga immersion as always with Carole. Thank you and I look forward to another short break enhanced by yoga. Eileen G.

I highly recommend attending the October Yoga retreat. It is a wonderful opportunity to deepen your practice. I feel that my own yoga practice has deepened considerably since I attended the June retreat. You are able to receive very beneficial one-on-one attention and to have the opportunity to focus on the details of your practise. I was initially overwhelmed by the idea of 2 hour practice but Carole tunes into the energy level of the students. I particularly enjoyed the evening meditation and pranayama techniques. This contributed greatly to improvements in my yoga practice. It’s also a great opportunity to get know other students and to feel part of our Darwin Yoga community. I also enjoyed the time to relax and take a break from my daily routine. It’s a chance to quiet time and self-reflection and possibly catching up on some sleep. The venue is relaxing and meals are highly nutritious and tasty. It was valuable investment time for me, to feel rejuvenated. I will continue to plan some time for myself to attend future retreats and to make the most of our wonderful Darwin venues.

A moment of stillness amongst the COVID-19 chaos. Like with most things, the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the cancellation of the Bali retreat this year. I was so deeply grateful to attend a 4 day retreat instead as it allowed me to reflect on how profoundly our world had changed while feeling supported by carole’s teachings and the tradition of yoga. Not having to catch a red-eye flight home was an added bonus!
Bhavini Patel

I really enjoyed the retreat. It was a mix of time to myself, good company and of course yoga.The highlight was being able to take time out from the hamster wheel so close to home. I would recommend it and would love to go again. Thanks Carole.
Glenys Clarke

The June yoga retreat was an amazing experience as usual! It was a wonderful opportunity to fully immerse oneself in yoga practice and to explore the asanas in fine detail and develop a greater understanding. The group was very cohesive and we had a lot of fun and relaxation outside of the classes. I am looking forward to the retreat in October in the Bali-esque surrounds of the Airport Resort Hotel.
Guzyal Thanks Carole!”

On Demand

“My mum and partner joined from QLD and VIC. Thank you Carole!”

“Loved every minute. Thank you Carole. Boy have i missed your classes.”

“Another amazing class!  Took me places I haven’t been before.” 

“Such a fantastic class ! Best Parvitatrikonasa ever! and all the rest with much improvement, Blanket trick is magic!”


“Thanks for the really wonderful workshop. I learned so much.”
Lisa Stefanoff, Alice Feb 2021

“Thank you Carole for another amazing workshop. Perfect combination of deep work and restoration, and taking the time to ‘unpack’ things” 🙏  
Alice, Feb 21 Catherine Martel

Yoga for digestive health workshop

“I found The Digestive Workshop extremely informative and practical. The workshop included demonstrations of simple ways to improve my digestive, and general, health through the use of different poses and techniques. Tips on where to find more information and help was also included. Money and time very well spent, thanks Carole!”