Iyengar Yoga teachers are amongst the best qualified yoga teachers you can find! It takes three to four years of intense teacher training followed by a rigorous assessment process of international standard before teachers are granted their entry level certificate.

Carole Baillargeon

I started doing Iyengar yoga in Montreal, Canada in 1986 to help me deal with a hip injury and it worked! After completing a BA in history and literature I knew what I wanted to do: practice and teach yoga. I ended up doing my teacher training in Sydney and taught there for 5 years before I fell in love with Darwin and opened Darwin Yoga Space. That was in 1995. I hold a Senior Intermediate Level 2 Iyengar Teaching Certificate and I have taught interstate, overseas and taught yoga retreats in Bali since 1996. I have trained all the teachers who teach at Darwin Yoga Space which gives the classes a uniform quality that students enjoy. 

When I don’t practice or teach yoga, I run the business side of things and in my spare time I go for walks and love to read and sing in a choir. I keep abreast of what makes the world go round by watching news, social and current affairs programs.

Anja Behlmer 

I moved to Darwin from my native Germany in 1997 where I trained as a physiotherapist. I started Iyengar yoga in 2000 and became very committed to it in 2004. I believe that yoga can be the answer to a lot of physical symptoms. It was the answer for me when I suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: yoga was instrumental in giving me back my energy, strength, and stamina. I started the teacher training program with Carole in early 2006 and holds an Introductory Level 2 Certificate.

I have always worked as an advocate for people with disabilities and I get involved with human rights issues when I can. I love the Australian bush and go camping often with my husband and daughters.

Kelly Beneforti

I discovered Iyengar Yoga at Darwin Yoga Space in 2015 and began the Teacher Training program in 2017. As a professional dancer, I was first drawn to the practice of Iyengar Yoga for its profound and intimate understanding of the physical body but since then I’ve developed a deep sense of commitment to the method for its capacity to cultivate humility, gratitude, courage, clarity and steadiness. Yoga has helped me through a challenging mental health journey, as well as with injuries and digestive health issues.

I was born and bred in Darwin, love a good laugh and hanging out with my friends though I am doing less of the latter since I have become a mum. At the moment my time is spent enjoying the rewards of caring for my son. Until then apart from being a professional dancer I was organising choreographic events for Tracks Dance.

Gay Goodger

My journey in yoga started with an Iyengar class in 1990. I was taken by the precision, the strong mind body connection and just how good it made me feel. After 10 years of dipping my toe in, I committed to regular classes and practice in 2000. I started my training with Carole at DYS in 2002 and after 3.5 years became a certified teacher. Wherever my journey in life takes me yoga is always there showing me the way to a calm, stabilising presence at the centre. I enjoy teaching yoga as I can see the positive impact it can have on students even in the beginning stages and how that deepens over time.  

I take pleasure in simple things in life like walking the dog on the beach, hanging out with family -especially the little ones- and spending time with friends. Along with yoga, taking time out from the business of life to sit quietly in meditation is an important way to nurtures my being.

Kumi Hamaguchi

My first yoga class at DYS was in 2000 and in 2010, when my children had become independent enough, I became a regular practitioner. Since 2010, DYS is like my second home. Yoga leads me on a journey for finding the true me. I started Teacher Training in 2019. Becoming a yoga teacher was one of my dreams, yet, it is more challenging than I thought. Apart from being a mother and teaching yoga, I attend classes, practise on my own and study yoga.

I have seen many students improve in my classes. This is my motivation to keep learning. I would like all our students to be healthy, happy, strong, resilient and to love themselves. This is my dream at the moment. 

Marie Morrison

I commenced yoga at Darwin Yoga Space in 2003. I was excited to find that yoga and pranayama (breathing techniques) help us develop mindfulness as well as get fit. Yoga was especially usefulfor dealing with my back and knee injuries. As my experience of yoga deepened, I realised that it was very effective at helping me switch off from my busy job as a CEO. I love the authenticity, consistency and rigour of Iyengar yoga. I have practiced yoga on my own regularly since 2006, commenced Teacher Training at DYS in 2015 and successfully sat my teaching exam in 2019. I have travelled to India twice to study with the Iyengar family.

Since retiring I have more time to teach, study and practice yoga and also see a few clients as a psychologist. Personally, I love to travel, cycle, and walk, especially in the bush. I enjoy reading, films, art, music and other live shows.

Christine Plate

My relationship with yoga has been a long on again off again affair since 1996. Throughout this time, I have always carried a deep respect for the Art of Yoga and its ability to inspire and nurture me holistically.

When the opportunity came along to get involved in Carole’s Teacher Training group in January 2015 it was the right time for me to deepen my relationship with yoga. I have enjoyed the level of commitment required and the extra learning that the teacher training provided. I earned my teaching certificate in 2019. Teaching is a wonderful way to share what I know and I enjoy planting the seed of yoga in other people.

My interest in the mind and body connection extends to my other job as a masseuse. I love gardening and hanging out in the paddock daily with my daughter to look after her two ponies. I cherish the weekends for the family time they provide.  

Glenys Clarke

I started Iyengar yoga lessons in 2004 with intermittent breaks until 2018 when I became more dedicated to my practice. I obtained my Iyengar Yoga Certification in May 2024.

I love the poetry and precision of the Iyengar method and continue to be happily surprised by the ongoing benefits and insights that yoga has given me, both philosophically and physiologically. I think I am lucky to have the opportunity to undertake teacher training at a school with such well trained teachers and an established community of interesting and supportive people. It is my hope that yoga will help me to age with more grace and acceptance …… and with less aches and pains than I would otherwise.

When not studying yoga, I work as a school teacher and a bookkeeper in our family cabinetmaking business. I also enjoy spending time with my family and gardening, particularly with edible and native plants.


Lana Howitt

I started Iyengar Yoga as a child at a studio near my primary school in Ascot Vale, Melbourne. Those yoga classes involved a lot more afternoon tea and competitive games than the classes at DYS, however I always say they gave me access to my ‘quiet place’, for which I am eternally grateful. I remember my teacher well – she was deeply compassionate, observant, patient and generous. These are traits I find common to all the yoga teachers I meet and would like to cultivate in my own teaching.

Since moving to Darwin in 2013 I have worked in libraries and for arts organizations, before I trained to become an Early Childhood educator. Music, family and friends make me happy when I’m not teaching kids or practicing yoga. I entered into the Teacher Training Program at DYS  in July 2022.


“A good book is better than a bad teacher. A good teacher helps you to explore to the maximum.”

B.K.S. Iyengar