Health and Wellbeing
Published on Aug 12, 2021
What’s your definition of health and wellbeing?

We live in a country where for most of us the basics are covered and we can afford to spend some time, energy and money on our health and wellbeing. These days, wealthy countries’ government agencies, charity organisations and businesses also invest in people’s health and wellbeing.

What’s your definition of health and wellbeing?

One definition that resonates well with me is the one I heard from an Ayurvedic doctor years ago (Ayurveda is Indian’s traditional healing art and science).

He broke i health and wellbeing down into four quadrants.

-Physical health
-Mental health
-Emotional health
-Spiritual health

Everyone knows that feeling stronger in our body makes us feel better all over. A strong body helps us do what we need to do every day and have enough energy to invest on achieving our goals and realise our dreams. To achieve this our body needs to move, in any away that we enjoy: sports, yoga, walking, dancing, whatever works for you is fine; just move it!

A physical health regimen also need to include good nutrition so our organs can function better: liver, stomach, colon, bladder etc…. Good food will give them that outcome. A good start is to just rely on good ol’ grandma basic advice (and common sense) on what foods are best for you.

This relates to the sound functioning of our mind like being able to focus, think things through, analyse, take good decisions. And don’t worry or fret too much. The way we think about things will have a big impact on our physical and emotional health. Especially that negative self-talk we all tend to fall into; better try to keep this at bay because the way we think doesn’t just affect the way we feel about ourselves but also about others and life in general.