Yoga Philosophy; what for?
Published on May 7, 2021

What is yoga philosophy for? It just It help us understand ourselves, other people and the world better. It’s like a grid or a pair of glasses that give a special colour to what you see and feel a certain way. Like a prism. Where wisdom is the tint though which we see through. 

Yoga is part of a body of work we call ‘wisdom teachings’. Is there any knowledge more valuable than wisdom? Ok, cooking skills can be quite good too. You have to think that the world would be in a better place if wisdom rank higher in the priority of the governing bodies….


About the author:

Carole Baillargeon

I couldn’t believe my luck when I found yoga. Especially when I found out what yoga is about.

At last, I had found what I had always been looking for without knowing.

Yoga gave me a context to do what my mind loves doing: grappling with, playing with, reflecting on, enquiring about and pondering: ‘what is this all about’? And, ‘what are we doing here’? 

I got what I bargained for with yoga; a thousands of year old, multifaceted, complex, eastern tradition. The philosophical concepts talked to me but I did not have the terminology to talk about it so I did some studies and kept at it one way or another for the last 30 years or so. 

In the meantime I moved from Montreal to Sydney (1990) and Sydney to Darwin and opened Darwin Yoga Space (1995).

This yoga life of mine has been amazing, from finding a true yoga master to study with in India for decades to creating a yoga school/community in’ one of the most beautiful and healing places on earth, a place where the most ancient of ‘wisdom teachings’ have taken place since time immemorial and where the Gods live. What not to be grateful for?